How to make the best out of a limited marketing budget for each of your films.
How to be smart and savvy when targeting your film for its audience.
How to be aware of a film's "life cycle" throughout its entire career.
How to think and act vertically from its conception until its final release.

Filmmaking - even in its simplest form - demands the talent, knowledge and hard work of dozens of people, as well as smart technology and a lot of money. But however collective an endeavour it may be, it has nothing to do with democracy. It is a lonely creative process. Filmmaking is an art AND a business.

Vertical Strategy is a concept of thinking and working that encompasses the filmmaking process   in its entirety; weaving disparate elements of distribution, marketing and promotion strategically into the life-cycle of a film.

We aim to fulfil the needs of all the people involved in a film's creation, as well as those who are investing in its development, production and distribution.  

• Vertical Strategy encourages filmmakers to think ahead: flexibility, innovation and networking are prerequisites.

• Vertical Strategy encourages filmmakers to involve those people who will be taking on films, selling, distributing and promoting them, earlier in the life-cycle of each film.

• Vertical Strategy encourages filmmakers to define their goals realistically at the start of the creative process and to identify appropriate audiences.

• Vertical Strategy calls upon filmmakers to professionalise: to allow producers to produce, writers to write, directors to direct - and to have distributors distribute.

• Vertical Strategy believes in the art of storytelling; we want to get stories out there in the public arena, where they will find an audience predisposed to enjoy cinematic creativity.

Our mission at VERTICAL STRATEGY is to make independent cinema more visible.